A piece of the Provence, just for you

Explore a haven of peace and elegance, located in the heart of this enchanting region.
Experience the luxury of Domaine Lorgues, the landscape and the Villa.
Every moment here becomes a valuable memory. Ready for an unforgettable trip?

Welcome to Domaine Lorgues

Domaine Lorgues is a 20-hectare estate with an authentic Provençal villa.
The villa has been completely modernized to modern standards while retaining its authentic Provençal features.

Why do you want to stay at Domaine Lorgues



Set amongst 20 hectares of forest, the villa offers you complete privacy and peace… while the picturesque village of Lorgues with its many restaurants, cafes and its famous market is only a mere 10 min drive away.



The villa, the extensive garden and the very large pool area offer lots of space and places to entertain  and relax.    



The managers of the Domaine live independently on thegrounds at a discrete distance from the villa. While your privacy is protected, they are available to assist you during your stay, for example, by providing breakfast or other catering, shopping, extra cleaning and making bookings.